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Porsche Classic Fuel Additive, 300 ml

Porsche Classic Fuel Additive, 300 ml


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The first step for a rejuvenating pit stop? Filling up the tank again. This is important to protect your fuel tank and fuel system against corrosion – especially if you are adding the fuel additive, which is developed for all Porsche Classic vehicles, to the fuel tank.

If the vehicle is left stationary for long periods of time, the fuel additive can offer a number of advantages: It provides special corrosion protection for all metallic components in the fuel system that come into contact with the fuel. In addition, it ensures that deposits are not able to cause damage to the fuel tank and fuel system. That means your Porsche will keep performing as well as it ever has. In order to achieve these optimum results, nothing was left to chance during the development process, which included a wide range of compatibility tests – particularly in relation to installed Porsche Classic Genuine Parts – as well as corrosion protection tests and resinification tests.

Further advantages for you: mixing the additive with the fuel is straightforward and quick. The good creep characteristics ensure that there is a protective layer between the fuel and the metal. With a newly developed formulation, you are not only protecting the filled part of the fuel tank – even in the empty space, the additive forms a sealed protective layer through adsorption. A better preventative measure is hard to find.

In short: when you are this well-prepared, the winter brings no fears.

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