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Spare light box 993

Spare light box 993


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Reissued by Porsche Classic: a set of light bulbs and fuses (12 volts), specially put together for the Porsche 911, type 993. The bulbs and fuses are stored in a metal box in historic Porsche Silver, with a raised PORSCHE logo in Black and a foam insert inside.

Set contents:
1x low beam, high beam bulb H1 55W
1x indicator light, reversing light bulb P21W
1x yellow indicator light bulb PY21W
1x brake/tail light bulb P21/5W
1x parking light bulb T4W
1x number plate light bulb C5W
1x side indicator light bulb W5W
1x fuse 7.5 A FK2
1x fuse 15 A FK2
1x fuse 25 A FK2
1x fuse 30 A FK2
1x fuse 40 A FK3
1x fuse 60 A FK3


Additional information
Not for use with vehicles with Litronic headlights.


For installation in

  • 911 Carrera 2 (1994 - 1998)
  • 911 Turbo (1995 - 1998)
  • 911 RS (1996 - 1997)
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